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Voice Teacher

"Victoria Rapanan demonstrates the true spirit of a dedicated vocal pedagogue.  Not only has she apprenticed in my New York Studio, but she has strived to educate her singers in the Old Italian School, using concepts that have been time-proven.  Ms. Rapanan uses simple and clear concepts that produce results."

- Maestro David Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue

Singers, you can finally overcome your vocal obstacles and realize your maximum potential.  Victoria Rapanan, seasoned performer, international  voice teacher and experienced vocal technician, can teach you the principles of the Old Italian School, combined with the Swedish influence, that produced many legendary singers.  She also cross-trains into musical theater and pop contemporary styles, producing a healthy, natural and balanced sound.

Victoria Rapanan has taught voice for 26 years,  trained and apprenticed under the renowned Maestro David Jones,  Vocal Pedagogue (www.voiceteacher.com), as well as with master teachers in Contemporary Commercial Styles.  She is an excellent diagnostician and "vocal detective", who can help you develop your true voice.  Eliminate muscular tension while you develop a beautiful balance of ring and color, brilliance and depth.

Ms. Rapanan served as president/vice president of the National Association of Singing, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, from 2006-2016.


The Vocal Studio of Victoria Rapanan is located in Pleasant Hill, CA, approximately 30 minutes east of San Francisco (East Bay,
near Walnut Creek). 
(925) 216-5913
Singers, you can finally overcome your vocal obstacles and realize your maximum potential with healthy vocal technique.

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